Disaster Recovery inside of Indigenous Communities

Aotearoa New Zealand in particular Te Taitokerau - Far North, Te Tai Rawhiti the East Coast and the tribal regions of Ngati Kahungunu were hit by a cyclone which caused death, massive floods and significant damage and disruption of which for many of our communities may be at least a decade before normality might be restored.

To this network, I am very interested in tools/approaches communities have taken for Disaster Recovery, community trauma support and resiliency building especially regards housing, the management and protection of sacred sites/buried dead, food sources and water protection.

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RaksThai (Care Thailand) has been using Mapeo for Disaster risk reduction (DRR) in flood prone regions.

Few other projects and software tools from the top of my head.


ODK2 in DDR Context by Spanish Red Cross


Sahana Eden

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WaterROAM Clean Water

Medical Units from Containers