How can I build a specific configuration?

We are currently working on a mapping project with migrants in México. Just getting to know this awesome app!

How could I build a specific configuration (icons, observations, etc.) for this project? Is it something we can do for ourselves, or do we need a specific knowledge (programming, apps, whatever)?

If so, is there anyone who may want to join? :slight_smile:


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Hey @MigraMundo! Please tell us more about your project, seems really interesting.

The current documentation for creating custom configurations can be found at, and for now it unfotunately requires diving a bit into the command line, but the guide has very detailed information and this is a great place to ask for support.

There’s also a guide in Spanish on how to load the configurations on the mobile app, once you have it ready. I’ll also share some video tutorials in Spanish which might be useful for your team.

Let me know is this was useful to you and what further support you need.


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Hi Luandro! Thanks a lot for your answer, and so glad to be in contact with you!

About the project, we are working with migrants crossing the southern border of México. We have developed a methodology to do collective mappings (using and readapting Iconoclasistas model), which are usually made on paper, with more or less geographical accuracy. These are made in the shelters they use to rest along the way.

But finding mapeo, we are working on a strategy to follow migrants along the way, and geolocate specific sites that may be important for them (to avoid becouse of danger, to get a work, etc.). We find that Mapeo has a lot of potential for that, although there are some tools that we also need (register the tracks, have a “live” broadcasting or a gps follow for security) that may come later.

For now, we would like to create a custom configuration so we can put our own and specific icons and related info. I have no idea of command line, but I can look for some person that may know and want to join this specific work (maybe you know someone willing to, and would be great to ear!). The guide you shared I think can be great to find this person.

So any other information or contact you may have, please tell me! I’ll be willing to ear, and eager to keep learning how to use Mapeo for this project and the defense of the live of those who are in constant movement (I think its a great thing for Mapeo “traditional use” of defending territories of those who remain!)

Saludos, fuerte abrazo! S.

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