Increasing support for environmental, land and indigenous defenders: ‘The Phonebook;’ the ‘Microsite for Collective Protection Resources’ and the ‘Supporting our protectors’ report

Join Forest Peoples Programme next week (29 July) for the launch of two key tools for environmental and human rights defenders:

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On 29th July, 2021, the Zero Tolerance Initiative (ZTI), and the Universal Rights Group (URG) with the support of ALLIED, will launch of two important digital tools:

  1. The Phonebook, a directory of support organizations for defenders of the environment, land, territory (currently available for Colombia, Kenya and Mexico); and the
  2. Microsite for Collective Protection Resources, a library of over 100 reports, videos, guides, and other training materials on best practices to effectively protect land and environmental defenders, their communities, and lands.

During the event, participants will also hear about ZTI’s new podcast and the latest URG-ALLIED report ‘Supporting our protectors;’ along with valuable testimonies from international experts, rightsholders and defenders on what these resources mean for them.

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Check out the microsite here: many useful resources featured.

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