Indigenous Kofan Community Battles for Title to Ancestral Lands Currently Blocked By Colonial & Inept Ecuadorian National Park System

Press release for the Sinangoe demand for land titling to their ancestral lands.

For the past four years, the A’i Kofán community of Sinangoe has undertaken an extensive community mapping initiative of their land’s history, also demonstrating how A’i Kofán stewardship is necessary not only for the protection of this key biodiversity hotspot but also for the very survival of the A’i Kofán of Sinangoe as a people. Sinangoe’s Guardia Indigena, with support from the organizations Ceibo Alliance, Amazon Frontlines and Digital Democracy, collected over 5,000 GPS points of historical, spiritual, ecological or dietary importance. This evidence was presented to MAATE and is available online at Sinangoe’s new digital platform.