Podcast: How Data is Helping Protect Cameroon’s Forests

Sharing this podcast about how near-real-time deforestation data from Global Forest Watch is being used in Cameroon.

The growing availability of detailed near-real-time data plays a vital role in WRI’s work. It has allowed our Forests program to highlight in detail areas of the world where tree cover loss is occurring. But how exactly does this data allow those on the ground — NGOs, governments, journalists and researchers — help to prevent such losses?

This relationship between data and protection is critical for the work of Global Forest Watch. A recent study published on Nature Climate Change showed that the probability of deforestation decreased by 18% in regions of Central Africa where forests were actively monitored with near-real-time satellite data.

This podcast highlights actors working across Cameroon, demonstrating how the forest monitoring technology, data and programs that Global Forest Watch offers have helped empower people to protect the country’s forests — and the communities that depend on them.