Soliciting sources for downloadable GIS data

Digital Democracy is currently preparing a database of downloadable GIS data to publish onto the Earth Defenders Toolkit, and is soliciting sources! List in progress here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

If you know of any national, regional, or global repositories of GIS data that could be beneficial for communities and should be on this list, please do share them!

Digital Democracy está preparando una base de datos GIS descargables para publicar en el Earth Defenders Toolkit, y está solicitando fuentes! Lista en progreso aquí: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Si conoce algún repositorio nacional, regional o mundial de datos GIS que podría ser beneficioso para las comunidades y debería estar en esta lista, ¡compártalo!

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Here’s the link for the FUNAI database with data about Indigenous Territories within brazilian territory (shapefile format):

Geoprocessing and Maps

Aqui está o link para base de dados da FUNAI para as Terras Indígenas em território brasileiro (formato shapefile):

Geoprocessamento e Mapas

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Here’s detailed data specifically about the Guarani gathered by the Mapa Guarani Digital project in Geojson format:

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Here’s the link with data gathered by the Mapbiomas project:

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Moabi - Mapping platform for communities living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo / Congo Basin.

In the description of the layers are given the data sources, most of which are openly accessible at various geoportals in rasters, shapefiles and geojson formats, both regionally and globally.

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A dataset of hard / semi-hard dwelling footprints with different levels of accuracy depending on their location, potentially useful for rural communities on the African continent.

Open Buildings

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  • Mining scars in the Amazon from project.
  • Brazilian Ministry of Environment data: with data on:
    • Cartographic base-maps
    • Special Areas
    • Physical environment and biodiversity
    • Political boundaries and localities
    • Watersheds
    • Brazilian Legal Amazon
    • Zone Ecological Eco. / States
    • Programs, projects and activities
    • Regional mappings
    • Biomes
    • Logging
  • Brazilian Open Data Portal: with data on:
    • Government and politics
    • Education
    • Agriculture, extractivism and fishing
    • Person, Family and Society
    • Health
    • Multiannual Plan
    • Transport and Traffic
    • Commerce, Services and Tourism
    • Defense and Security
  • INDE: Brazilian National Infraestructure for Geospatial Data: Serves the purpose of cataloging, integrating and harmonizing Brazilian institutions, producers and maintainers of data.
  • TerraBrasilis: is a web platform developed by INPE for accessing, consulting, analyzing and disseminating geographic data generated by the institute’s native vegetation monitoring projects such as PRODES and DETER.
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There are some sources could be helpful, mainly for Colombia:

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