XLSform (ODK / Kobo) for gathering stories in the field for Terrastories

Just sharing I created an XLSform (for ODK / KoboToolbox) that can be used in the field to gather all of the relevant information needed for Terrastories (Place / Speaker / Story), including audio, video, and the ability to add multiple speakers and stories Place-based oral histories form (example).xlsx - Google Sheets

You could use the Import feature to align the data export columns with the fields in Terrastories, and ingest media content (if locally hosted)


Great, I think it would be good to add few lines how to use ODK toolkit for those who are not familiar with it.

Sure, this can be found in the Toolfinder - Earth Defenders Toolkit. I just submitted an update to the copy, actually - there are some new features built into that ecosystem that are helpful for frontline communities.