Yunohost: self hosting data with affordable hardware

YunoHost is an operating system aiming for the simplest and user friendly administration of a server, and therefore democratize self-hosting, while making sure it stays reliable, secure, ethical and lightweight. It is a copylefted libre software project maintained exclusively by volunteers. Technically, it can be seen as a distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux and can be installed on many kinds of hardware.

With Yunohost communities can self-host their digital services: web, mail, chat, cloud… using affordable single board computers like Raspberry Pi or Olimex. It can be hooked to the internet or local mesh networks in the case of remote areas.

Fascinating! Could be good to look into for the offline “field kit” builds of Terrastories. Thanks for sharing!

;D I see that Terrastories is a Dockerized aplication. Here the way to implement Docker using Yunohost.

Awesome! We need to revisit the whole offline workflow (last done in 2019, documentation here terrastories/ at master · Terrastories/terrastories · GitHub and here Instructions for Setting ATC NUCs · GitHub). The process is basically to set up a NUC computer with a Linux OS. On startup, the OS will automatically load Docker and Terrastories, and activate a WiFi hotspot through which connected devices can load Terrastories in the browser. That way you can just turn on the device and don’t have to do anything or connect a keyboard/mouse/monitor. This is basically a copy of the Portable OpenStreetMap workflow. Could be nice to set up on YunoHost! I’ll look at that in the future.

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Super! I’ll take a look to the links you posted. This hotspot feature is great. Mapeo would also benefit something like that but the truth is a mobile phone hotspot can do the job either so maybe not necessary. Awesome projects both of them :wink:

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