EDToolkit: what should be featured next?

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The content created for Earth Defenders Toolkit “v1.0” published in June is intended to be a first iteration, and we are hoping to publish much more content in the future, as well as solicit contributions from the community.

Please feel free to share any ideas you have on what kind of content should be added to the Earth Defenders Toolkit.

ODK Central

The ODK central server has a lot of features that are really interesting.

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Collect Earth Online is a custom built, open-source, satellite image viewing and interpretation system developed by SERVIR - a joint NASA and USAID program in partnership with regional technical organizations around the world - and the FAO as a tool for use in projects that require land cover and/or land use reference data. Collect Earth Online promotes consistency in locating, interpreting, and labeling reference data plots for use in classifying and monitoring land cover / land use change. The full functionality of Collect Earth Online, including collaborative compilation of reference point databases, is implemented online so there is no need for desktop installation. The Collect Earth Online codebase is shared through the Open Foris Initiative of the Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


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Hi there! From I.M.V.E.C. we’re focusing on a forensic approach of environmental grassroots investigation. This is our toolkit webpage on continuous development:

A project we’ll be including soon (and I think would make a very nice featured tool here) is the NAYAD device by Hacking Ecology, a rock solid free libre open source device for water monitoring.


Rainforest Connection (RFCx) uses bioacoustic technology to monitor forest life, catalyze ecological discoveries, and track the impact of conservation efforts. Detecting any sound disturbances in the forests, may be able to prevent incidents of illegal deforestation and animal poaching before they happen.


Comment: use to be implemented in communities or by groups with the support of a scientific partner and with local enforcement officers


Two complementary android apps:
Proofmode adds a metadata layer of verificability to the images taken with the phone. Adds location, available wifi signals in the area, PGP signature and more.
Obscuracam helps to obscure or pixelate certain parts of the images taken, both pictures and video, to keep anonimity. It also erases metadata to the footage for anonymous publication.

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@rudokemper I think it is impossible to cover all the tools that are out there.

Perhaps we should encourage the community members to create and post short tutorials in the forums.

How about creating a new forum section called ‘Learn’ or ‘Tutorials’ ?

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