Idea: regularly scheduled EDT community call?

Hello everyone! A colleague and EDT ally recently proposed the idea of having a regularly scheduled phone call, where we could have space to discuss ideas, ask questions, and co-work on solutions. These could be set with an agenda in advance if there is a need or interest, or they could function as an unstructured “office hours” space for open dialogue. What do folks think? Would this be of interest?

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It would. It is worth a try.

Fantastic idea. At the Publiclab we have the tuesdays open call. Sometimes theres more people connected and some others less but it can work as a palce to tighten personal relations through the co-work. I’m in :heart_eyes:

Sorry I haven’t written back on this. We haven’t forgotten! Here is a form to start gathering some information on people’s interests, time zones, and languages. Please feel free to take a minute to fill this out :slight_smile: